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Policies and procedures

At K9 Playland Resort, we’re committed to providing a paw-sitive experience for you and your furry companion. Below, we’ve laid out the policies and procedures that will help ensure your pup’s stay is as safe, enjoyable and tail-waggingly amazing as possible.


If you have any questions about our policies and procedures, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

1. K9 Playland and employees are to provide services stated in this agreement in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives all claims against K9 Playland and its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of K9 Playland.

2. For the safety of everyone, all dogs are required to enter and exit K9 Playland on a leash. Your dog may be friendly, but not all dogs in our lobby have been evaluated yet.

3. K9 Playland does not accept aggressive animals. If your pet displays aggression or severe behavioral issues, it will be removed from daycare and asked not to come back for any services unless using the private retreat option as listed below (12). Human-aggressive dogs will not be accepted under any circumstances. 

4. Dogs that participate in daycare at K9 Playland are in a group-play, off-leash environment and the dogs are co-mingling. You understand that because of the open play environment, there are inherent risks, which, even when monitored by trained staff, may result in injuries including, but not limited to: broken nails, sore/split paw pads, puncture wounds, scratches and cuts (particularly in dogs with short hair). You further understand that even when dogs are vaccinated, they are not 100% protected and may be at risk of developing communicable illnesses including, but not limited to, Bordatella (“kennel cough”) or canine papilloma virus (“puppy warts”). You accept the risks involved and agree that K9 Playland is not liable for, and that you are responsible for, any expense incurred by you or K9 Playland, including, but not limited to, veterinary expenses in connection with any injury to your dog, illness of your dog, or damage to any property resulting from your dog’s presence at K9 Playland for any purpose.

5. Your pet must be at least 16 weeks of age and current on vaccines. It is your responsibility to bring proof of your dog’s vaccination history at enrollment and every time your dog’s vaccines are renewed. By North Carolina law, we may not admit dogs over 16 weeks that are not current on their rabies vaccinations. Therefore, no dogs will be permitted at K9 Playland without proof of a current rabies vaccination. While the law does not require Distemper/Parvovirus and Bordatella vaccines, we strongly recommend that all dogs attending our facility remain current on these vaccinations, and we reserve the right to deny admission to any dog whose Distemper/Parvovirus or Bordatella vaccines are not current.

6. Photos and videos of the dogs in daycare or boarding may be used on the K9 Playland website, lobby displays or in other marketing materials. You consent to our use of your dog’s image, likeness and name in such marketing materials. All photos and video images are the property of K9 Playland and may not be used by you without our prior written consent.

7. K9 Playland provides bowls and bedding at no charge. If you decide to provide your own toys or bedding, K9 Playland is not responsible for these items. Please label each item, including medications with your pet’s and owner’s name. We also provide food for $2/meal per dog. It is recommended that the client provide their pet’s own food because a change in diet may irritate their digestive tract and cause upset stomachs. It is important to be sure enough food is packed for the duration of the stay, specifically if your dog has food sensitivities or allergies. If your dog does run out of food during the stay, your dog will be fed our house food and K9 Playland will not be held responsible for any reactions to the change in diet.

8. The client understands that all pets must be treated with flea, tick and heartworm preventative. If fleas are found on your dog at any time while in our facility, they will be given a flea bath at the owner’s expense.

9. K9 Playland is not certified to diagnose, make therapy decisions, nor offer veterinary services. Any medical concerns will be referred to a qualified veterinarian.

10. K9 Playland will not board acutely ill animals or those with uncontrolled medical conditions. We suggest your pet be boarded at a 24-hour veterinary facility to ensure the best care and your pet’s wellbeing.

11. Any dog that has been diagnosed with parvovirus, canine influenza, distemper virus, kennel cough, intestinal parasites or any other contagious disease will need to be deemed healthy by a veterinarian to enter into our care in order to contain the spread of disease to other pets.

12. You have the option of requesting that your dog be kept isolated from other dogs and be taken out for leash breaks, but you must request the “private retreat” option at each visit. If you are concerned that your dog may jump our 6-foot fence, eat gravel or excrement from our playground, or have other behavioral issues, this may be an option to consider. This decision is solely on the owner and K9 Playland will not be held liable for any of the above.

13. Any dog that is left at K9 Playland without notice of extending the stay and providing appropriate payment, on the fifth day after the scheduled pick-up, will be considered “abandoned”. You understand that if you abandon your dog at K9 Playland, K9 Playland becomes the legal owner of your pet. K9 Playland, will, in its sole discretion, determine whether your dog will be rehomed or relinquished to a local shelter of its choice. You understand that if you abandon your dog at K9 Playland, you may be unable to retrieve possession of your dog and will have no recourse against K9 Playland.

14. K9 Playland reserves the right to deny or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns or inappropriate conduct.

15. A credit card will be put on file for boarding reservations. Cancellations made less than 3 days in advance will be charged 25% of stay. Cancellations the day of stay will be charged 50% of stay.

16. Payment (via cash or credit card) is due at the time services are rendered. Your dog will not be released until all charges are paid.

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