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Having a Bath


Grooming can be a stressful experience for even the calmest of dogs. Our professional and experienced staff knows exactly how to make grooming relaxing and enjoyable for your pet.

When you bring your pup in for grooming at K9 Playland, you will discover a variety of options, including:

•  An oatmeal bath and brushout to make sure your dog is completely fresh and clean.
•  Toe nail clipping to avoid unsightly or uncomfortable nails.
•  A teeth brush to produce fresh breath for your pup.
• An ear cleaning to make sure that your pet is completely comfortable and clean!



Bath & Brush out:

$30 and up (breed/size dependent)

Nail Clipping with Dremel:


Teeth Brushing:


Ear Cleaning:


Give your pup the gift of a calming grooming experience

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