Our Facility

Charlotte Doggie Day Care Facility



The K9 Playland state-of-the-art doggie daycare facility consists of indoor and outdoor play areas. As Charlotte's superior pet sitting service, our 4000 sq ft of indoor play has divided areas for separate playgroups based on age, size, and temperament. K9 Playland provides playground equipment, toys and balls to stimulate activity, and exercise. We also have comfortable lounging areas for "nap time" and when your pup decides to take a break from group play. Our outdoor pet sitting play area is nearly 3000 sq ft, filled with playground equipment, toys, and pools for summertime play. This doggy daycare area is a great asset during nice whether and we enjoy giving the dogs an opportunity to play in the kiddie pools during hot days and spend time in the sunshine. Rather than keeping your puppy in your house or apartment, contact a K9 Playland pet professional today to learn about how we can get your pet healthy and happy through interaction, exercise, and sunshine with our amazing pet sitting service facilities.


We also have great facilities and to provide full grooming services, as well as boarding & kennel services.